Sunday, March 22, 2015

My New World

I have started this blog to share my teaching world with others. I have never created a blog and technology does not come instinctively to me. I am hoping that, as I share my world with you, I will grow to have a deeper understanding of technology. I may have to enlist the help of my teenage children. As would be expected, they are very tech savvy. 

I love teaching. Most of the students I work with are eager to learn and are excited to see me. I am currently the reading teacher. I have 8 groups of students in grades K-6. Each group runs 30 minutes. I have 1.5 assistant help and they each have groups for 30 minutes each group. Upon consultation with the teachers, I create the lesson plans and the materials to use with the lesson plans. The assistants implement the lesson plans.  

My favorite part of my job is helping teachers improve their practice. I get to meet with teachers and provide professional growth support around reading instruction, reading assessment and Daily 5 & CAFE by The 2 Sisters